New Eligible Training Provider Policy for Guilford County

The Guilford County Workforce Development Board has instituted a new eligible training provider (Guilford WDB ETPL Policy Final), effective immediately.  The policy is attached, and describes the new requirements under the law, and the steps that training providers need to take in order to be considered for approval.  All training providers, new and old, will need to submit an application in order to be approved.   Approval has two levels:  the training provider (school) must be approved, and each program or course of study must be approved as well.  In order to be approved as a program or course of study, the program must correspond to one of the occupational areas that are on the enclosed list (PY 2016-17 APPROVED OCCUPATIONAL AREAS – FINAL).

Once approved, NCWorks customers in Guilford County will be able to see your school and programs in NCWorks online, and discuss them with their career facilitator for potential sponsorship.  WIOA is not an entitlement program – even if a program is on the approved list, NCWorks staff must grant case-by-case approval based on the individual customer’s situation and background.

All training providers that were already approved under WIA rules must reapply in order to stay on the ETPL.  You will have until 2/28/17 to complete a new application following the above process, or your approval will be removed until an application is received and approved.   After 2/28/17, applications will be reviewed in the order received.

If you are interested, please complete the packet of forms in the policy with all attachments, and mail the forms to the address in the packet.  If we need additional information, we will contact you. We will review applications in the order received, and will make a decision within 30 days of receipt of a completed packet.

Thank you for your interest.