The Queen of Great Britain, Elizabeth II was quoted as stating, “it’s all to do with the training: You can do a lot if you are properly trained.”

Even though labor needs look different in the 21st century, training continues to be paramount for employee retention and talent development. The competition to hire and retain the best will increase in the years ahead especially for small businesses competing with larger businesses with larger budgets. Companies that provide flexibility to train their employees will have the edge.

As part of the Guilford County Workforce Development Board’s (GCWDB) commitment to established businesses and their existing workers, the GCWDB is announcing opportunities for local for-profit and non-profit Guilford County employers with 250 or less employees to apply for competitive training grant dollars of up to $15,000 to increase the skills of existing employees.

The Small Business Training Grant provides dollars for skill gap training that may be a result of workers’ changing responsibilities/requirements in their job, or for workers whose jobs may potentially be eliminated and/or skill upgrading is need to accept new responsibilities.

We are currently accepting applications through:


2nd Quarter: November 17, 2017

3rd Quarter: January 19, 2018

4th Quarter: April 20, 2018

Send application submittal to website support:

To learn more contact the Business Service Division at (336) 373-8041.