Success Stories

Returning to the Workforce After Retirement: Gloria Feimster’s Success Story

Picture1_eAfter a 25 year career as a Customer Service Representative for American Express in Greensboro, NC the company announced the closing of its Greensboro location.  At that point I decided to retire. After a couple of years of being unemployed, I realized I needed to get back into the workforce.  In searching my options for assistance I remembered the information that was distributed during the rapid response presentation when American Express made its announcement. I became a frequent visitor at the Greensboro JobLink Career Center now known as the Guilford County NCWorks Career Center. My search has not been easy but the staff provided me with invaluable services and resources that led to becoming “job ready” after my 25 year absence from the job search market.

My experience with the Guilford County NCWorks Career Center/Greensboro JobLink Career Center (NCWorks Center) has been rewarding in many ways. I was provided individual counseling, resume preparation assistance, interviewing assistance and most importantly the confidence to get back into the market.

In mid-October, I read in the paper that the North Carolina Department of Revenue was opening a call center in Greensboro.  Having had extensive customer service background, I was excited about this opportunity.  I went to the NCWorks Center and was given guidance and encouragement from the staff about what was needed for registration and application to attend the classes at Guilford Technical Community College.  They coached me on how to obtain the Career Readiness Certificate, which was a requirement. Throughout the entire process the NCWorks Center staff reached out to me to see how I was doing and to record my progress in the classes.  I’m happy to have had this experience working with the Guilford County NCWorks Career Center. I am proud to announce that I have secured a full time position with the North Carolina Department of Revenue with benefits.

I recommend the services of the NCWorks Center to anyone serious about finding a job or training.  It is a systematic, targeted way of seeking employment as opposed to randomly filling out applications.