Worker Dislocation and Transition Services

Guilford Workforce Development Board assists employers if you are facing a lay-off or closing of a facility.  We work closely with the NC Division of Workforce Solutions to deploy what is referred to as Rapid Response at the state level. Rapid Response is an early intervention program that helps both the employer and the workers facing layoffs, closures or other sensitive business actions.

Staff at Guilford WDB will organize meetings between management of your business and the appropriate workforce agencies.  We will participate in employee information sessions to help educate employees about the Workforce Innovative Opportunity Act (WIOA) and their eligibility for the Dislocated Worker programs.  We will continue working with management and employees during the transition period, using job fairs and financial planning workshops to assist during this time.

WARN Notices

Employers planning a closure or mass layoff are required to file a Worker Retraining Notification – WARN notice- with the state.  The WARN Act was put in place to protect workers, their families and their communities by requiring employers to provide 60 days advance notice in certain situations.  Employers who file a WARN notice will be contacted within 48 hours by a Rapid Response Team.

For More Information on Dislocation and Transition Services contact (WDB staff & email) today.