NCWorks Incumbent Worker Training Grants

If your business needs to train existing workers in new skill sets or processes, you may be eligible for an Incumbent Worker Training Grant.  These are competitive, statewide grants, but you will need to apply through your local WDB.  At Guilford WDB we accept grant applications two times per year – in October and March.  We will review your application and submit our recommendations to the NC Division of Workforce Solutions.  Prior to each cycle our staff holds information sessions to offer technical assistance to employers interested in applying for a grant.

How It Works

Employers can receive up to $60,000 total over the course of the company’s lifetime.  The maximum is $10,000 per application.

Employers can use this competitive training solution when their employees have identified skills gaps that need to be addressed through training, thus enhancing  their continued employability and improving business stabilization.

Employers are eligible if they are:

  • Located in Guilford County
  • A N.C. for-profit or not-for-profit business with five or more employees
  • Operating in N.C. for minimum of one year prior to application
  • Current on all federal and state tax obligations
  • Financially viable (not-for profit business MUST generate income through the production of products or the provision of services)

The grants cover the costs of the following training programs:

  • Instructional costs for training courses
  • Classes for certification exams
  • Online training
  • Skills assessments related to requested training
  • Textbooks and manuals
  • Computer software for training purposes
  • Instructor travel

****  2017 Process Under Review ****

INTERESTED EMPLOYERS MUST contact Business Services Representatives Gregory Barnette or Fred Henry @ 336.373.8041, to discuss the process, guidelines and eligibility requirements.

Forms and Guidelines

Employers can download the following forms and guidelines to learn more about the program and apply for a grant. 

DOCX_icon1-NCWorks IW PY2016 Business Guidelines

DOCX_icon 2-NCWorks IW PY2016 Application

DOCX_icon 3-NCWorks IW PY2015 Application Assessments