What to expect when visiting one of the Guilford County NCWorks locations

Health and Safety Protocols:

NCWorks Career Centers have implemented numerous safeguards when visiting in-person

  • Masks are required in our centers.
  • Social distancing is required as much as possible.
  • Social distancing is reinforced by signs to control lines and crowding and by taping six-foot distance in areas where lines may form.
  • Plexiglas guards have been installed on counters in customer service areas.
  • Handwashing is strongly encouraged.
  • Hand sanitizer stations have been increased.
  • Posters are displayed throughout the Career Centers and on entry doors to buildings reminding visitors to go home if they exhibit symptoms and follow established rules for masks and social distancing.

Upon arrival at the center:

  • You will see a sign notifying you that “The wearing of a face mask is required to obtain services.” This policy is in place for the safety and welfare of you, our customers, and staff members.
  • You will also see directional signage on the floor, which reads, “Wait Here.” These markings are spaced six feet apart for social distancing compliance.

When visiting the center for Staff Assistance:

  • Check-in with a Greeter at the front desk. The Greeter will confirm your appointment and notify a staff member of your arrival.
  • The talent engagement staff member appointed to assist you will escort you to their desk/cubicle.
  • The talent engagement representative is available to offer advice and provide services targeted to address your specific needs. These services include but are not limited to: Job Search Assistance, Needs Assessment, and Resume Assistance – if applicable.
  • The representative, working with you, will verify your registration into NCWorks and set up the Virtual Recruiter tool for you.
  • If a follow-up appointment is required, the talent engagement representative will set up a subsequent meeting and confirm the details with you.
  • Upon appointment completion, you will be lead to the exit door.

When visiting the Computer Resource Center:

  • Check-in with a Greeter at the front desk. The Greeter will confirm your appointment and notify a staff member of your arrival.
  • A staff member will escort you to an available workstation in the Computer Resource Center.
  • NOTICE: You are not allowed to sit or place items at a station until it has been cleaned and sanitized. Stations are sanitized after each use.
  • Time in the Computer Resource Center is limited to 50 minutes per visit. This limitation allows the maximum number of customers to access the CRC and provides staff enough time to sanitize the workstation before the next visitor arrives.